Hi, I'm Alice! Proud founder and owner of YouBloom.

I'm just a small town girl from Bundaberg, Queensland. My highlight from my childhood was going to the beach with my family. My Grandma, called me a "mermaid". I was in the water that much, I came out all shriveled up. Heading to and from the beach, we'd drive past the sunflower fields which inspired my first design. Seeing sunflowers where ever I go makes me happy as I remember the great memories of being at the beach with my late Grandma.

FUN FACT- Sunflowers follow the sun but did you know when it's grey and cloudy, they turn and face each other to share their energy. 

I want EVERYONE to feel beautiful in my bikinis from XS to 5XL. I want YouBloom to bring out confidence and help ladies grow into the full bloom flower they deserve to be, supporting and empowering each other along the way.